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How to Get Out of Jail

Being arrested is an unfortunate circumstance, but it does not have to be the end of one’s world if it happens.

In the event of an arrest it is important to understand all available options before making a decision on how to best proceed. Options are few but they are vital to understand in order to ensure the best possible outcome in an otherwise dire situation.

Bailing out of jail using a bail bond is one of the strongest options that one may use in order to better his or her situation after an arrest. While getting out of jail with a bail bond may seem like an intimidating procedure it is quite easy if the process is understood. Using a bail bond could mean the difference between hours, days or weeks waiting to see a judge or more immediate release.

Using A Bail Bond

Using a bail bond is not as complicated as some are led to believe. It is normal to have fear levels heightened after an arrest, but in most situations a phone call is guaranteed. Some institutions allow multiple phone calls. Others allow only one, depending on the crime committed and the location. If one phone call is allowed it is recommended to call a bail bond service. Regardless of the number of allowed phone calls trying to obtain bail is a wise decision, and it is best to maximize all time spent behind bars in order to expedite the waiting process.

Information that is needed by the bail bond company is basic. One should know his or her social security number, phone number for a relative or friend, the jail and jurisdiction he is held under, and the crime he or she is charged with. It is important to relay this information to any relative or person contacted.

Reaching an agreement with a bail bond company will depend on which company is used. Some companies will allow a cash bond while others operate in federal bail bonds only. There is a wide range of different services and it is important to choose the one that fits one’s situation.

What To Expect

After finding an ideal bail bond company the issuer of the bond will post it to the client. After it is processed and approved the client will be released from jail but under the requirement that he or she will meet all future court dates and other stipulations unique to the charge.

After release the defendant will agree on a payment option with the bail bond issuer. Some companies require upfront collateral before giving out a bond while others will allow no more than a signature and cash guarantee. Anyone making bail will want to be aware of the entire contract before it is signed as multiple fees are not uncommon.

Once one is out of jail on bail it is his or her responsibility to show up to all future court hearings. If the defendant fails to show it the bail bond company has the right to demand full payment by the defendant once apprehended. This leads to greater losses and is not recommended as a course of action. Failing to pay back a bond will only cause more difficulties in all future legal maters.

Using a bail bond to get out of jail is a most times a quick and painless process that can be done in a moderate amount of time. If the person arrested can afford to use a bail bond and can meet the requirements that come with using one it is a fine option. Time spent in jail does not have to be bleak, and the use of a bond can make that time less traumatic than it has to be.

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