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What do I do After an Arrest?

March 8th, 2017 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

Being arrested is an ordeal anyone should be glad to never go through. However, if one is arrested, there are things they should to in order to alleviate the stress they're feeling.

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Do I Have Enough Money for Bail?

September 17th, 2015 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

Bail is a payment made to a court of law in order to ensure an arrested person’s appearance at certain court dates. The bail payment is arranged to allow the accused’s freedom during a time he or she is suspected of committing a crime. Bail is a tremendous privilege, so it is important to call the right bail bond firm right away.

All-Pro Employee of the Quarter

December 6th, 2011 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

Congratulations to Paul Williams, who was named All-Pro’s Employee of the Quarter. Paul works in account services and was completely surprised when he received this award, he said, “stuff like this doesn’t happen to me!” This award comes as no shock to his fellow coworkers. Paul’s commitment to providing All-Pro customers with superior customer service and his ability to contribute to the office as a whole are just a few of the reasons why he has been recognized. When asked about what he loves most about his job Paul stated, “ I love it because it is the most interesting business I’ve ever worked at in my life. Much of All-Pro Bail Bond’s success can be accredited to employees just like Paul.

All-Pro Agent of the Quarter (Central Region)

December 2nd, 2011 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

Anjelica Valencia has been named our Central Agent of the Quarter. Anjelica was born in raised in Modesto, where she now works as an All-Pro Agent. Anjelica is thankful for the continued support of her managers and coworkers, “ I have an awesome team and an awesome manager. I give a lot of credit to them for making us strong.” If you are seeking assistance with your bail bond needs in the Modesto area, visit Anjelica Valencia. With the help of her team, Anjelica will help get you out of your sticky situation and back to things you love doing most!

All-Pro Agent of the Quarter (Northern Region)

November 28th, 2011 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

Each quarter All-Pro recognizes three agents from the northern, southern and central offices. These awards are given to agents who have provided proficient customer service and over all care to our various All-Pro customers. Our Northern Agent of the Quarter is Zorelle Cohen. She is an agent who truly enjoys interacting with her clients. When asked about her experience with All-Pro customers Zorelle says, “ I love being able to help people when it seems like no one else in the world can.” We are lucky to have employees like Zorelle Cohen who contribute to the success of All-Pro Bail Bonds.

Bail Bond Rates

In general, the standard industry rate for bail bonds is 10% of the face amount of bail. For example, if the face amount of bail is $10,000, the fee is $1,000. Read More


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