All-Pro Bail Bonds Oakland

November 4th, 2011 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

All-Pro Bail Bonds continues to expand along the California coast! We want to thank our loyal customers for their continued support, without you, this expansion would not be possible. Recently, All-Pro set-up their newest office location in Oakland, California. This new branch is situated in the bay area, about 8 miles east of San Francisco. They are conveniently located next to the Oakland Jail and Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse. The Oakland Bail Bond team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you or a loved one is in need of bail bond assistance in the Oakland area, come in or contact us today. 486 7th Street Oakland, CA 94607 P: 510-886-2245

Bail Bonds in Oakland

March 28th, 2011 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

If you are not sure how the process works with bail bonds in Oakland, there is plenty of information about this topic so that you have a better understanding if you have a friend, relative, or anyone else you know that may be in this type of situation. You may find the easiest way to understand how bail bonds work in Oakland is to get on the Internet and do some thorough research. However, if you need information quickly due to circumstances, here are some basic answers to some questions that you may have about bail bonds in Alameda County. • What is a bail bond? This is actually the top question that people ask about. This is a contract that is between licensed agents, or also known as bondsmen and the court that states that the agent is giving reassurance that the arrested person is going to appear in all court hearings or pay the face amount of bail to the court. • How much does this service cost? The standard rate is between 8 to 10% of the face amount of the bail that was set for that person. This is something that you would need to discuss with the agent on the costs and fees once you contact the agency. In California, all bondsmen are required to file a notice with the Department of Insurance that indicates the rates they charge to the public. These agents are also required to publish their rates in a very visible, obvious place on a wall inside of their office or place of business. • How does the bail process work? If the court decides to set bail for the person who was arrested, any individual can secure the person's release from jail while the case is pending. This can be done by placing property or cash equal to the face amount of bail to use as collateral with the court. Once the case has been resolved, the court returns the collateral back to the person who made the payment. There are many times the person is not able to come up with the money or has no property to put up for collateral. This is when a bondsman can come to your rescue. The person who was arrested will need a co-signer to take care of the bail that was set and sign the paperwork that was set up by the agency. At this point, the agent will deliver the necessary paperwork and money to the court and the person will be released from jail, which can take from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on how busy the jail is with other people who may be awaiting for release. These are just general questions about the process of bail bonds in Oakland. If you have further questions or need additional information, feel free to contact All-Pro Bail Bonds 24 hours a day.

Bail Bond Rates

In general, the standard industry rate for bail bonds is 10% of the face amount of bail. For example, if the face amount of bail is $10,000, the fee is $1,000. Read More


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