Can Recovery Agents Arrest People?


What Recovery Agents Do

  • If someone skips bail and misses a court date, the defendant and the bail agency may face what’s called a summary judgment which means a warrant may be placed by the court for the defendant and if not returned to court or jail the entire value of the bond may be due to the court.
  • To find a bail jumper or bail skipper, as the person on the run may be called, a bounty hunter formally known as Recovery Agent’s may be brought in by the bail bond agency to return the defendant into custody. Police departments have many cases to handle and do not have the money or time to pursue everyone guilty of skipping bail.

Rules Recovery Agents Follow

Laws are strict in regard to recovering fugitives. Recovery agents are controlled by the laws of the state where they work. Laws vary from state to state.

Recovery Agents

    • Cannot carry firearms without state licensure or permits
    • Cannot arrest anyone except the fugitive that skipped bail
    • Cannot use excessive force
    • Could face false arrest lawsuit if they detain the wrong person
    • Are held accountable for their actions through the state’s department of insurance and police when dealing with the public
    • Must remain professional and abide by state laws when taking alleged criminals to justice
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