How to clear a Bench Warrant Without Going to Jail

How to clear a Bench Warrant Without Going to Jail

January 16th, 2019 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

The law can be complicated and deeply confusing. It's possible to break the law in many ways without realizing it. Even a minor issue such as failing to signal before making a turn can lead to legal problems that may cause issues unexpectedly. A person can get in serious trouble and need to hire an attorney because they miss a court date.

Locked jail gate

Understanding Inmate Rights

April 14th, 2017 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

Being incarcerated will limit your freedoms to a certain extent; however, it does not mean you do not have basic human rights.

Jail vs Prison

Jail vs. Prison

March 4th, 2016 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

It’s easy to feel confused over the difference between a jail and a prison.

Exterior view of county jail

What is a County Jail?

February 24th, 2016 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

When a person is arrested, they are detained in a county jail until released by a judge or a bond is posted. In most cases a bond amount will be set based upon a variety of different factors. If the bond is posted, then the incarcerated person is released from the county jail. Failure to post the bond results in the incarcerated person remaining in jail until the case is resolved.

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Incarcerated Fathers Trying to Connect

November 12th, 2015 | Written by Bail Bonds Blog

If an individual posts bail, but is then incarcerated, a major problem for people going to jail or prison today is separation from family. It can be hard on a family when a father is suddenly removed from the household and put into prison for years or decades. This can lead to behavioral problems in any children left in the home. The effects can be long-lasting and devastating on the entire family.

Bail Bond Rates

In general, the standard industry rate for bail bonds is 10% of the face amount of bail. For example, if the face amount of bail is $10,000, the fee is $1,000. Read More


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